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Luxury Uganda safari lodges

Uganda luxury safari lodges

Uganda provides a series/array of accommodation options. Offering an experience both luxurious and honesty like the lodges in Apoka in the north east –distant lodges. Other several lodges and camps are specifically positioned to offer the finest access to gorilla treks, some of which offer as close as it’s possible to get to a zero-foot mark stay. Kampala city its self now boasts a selection of hotels, from the generic Sheraton to a more peculiarly luxury boutique providing just outside the city.

In terms of terminus within Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is typical jungle, thick and occupying a relatively trivial area but one of the world’s most imperative gorilla preservation. Gorilla treks are directed by real skilled and are an unmissable involvement. Rwenzori Mountains National Park is dissimilar, with snow-capped crests pending above the clouds and a healthy populace of forest elephant & primates as well as some chances for fairly stimulating treks. Lake Victoria is another, coming into its own as a terminus in itself, of course, and close by Kampala & Entebbe offering captivating city/town experiences full of tastes and aesthetics both local and foreign. And throughout there are safari lodges and villa-style accommodation to suit every taste as mentioned below: –

Uganda luxury safari lodges

Chobe Safari Lodge

When at this lodge do relish /enjoy the panoramic and sunset sights with agreeable calming sounds of river Nile in the contextual. This lodge is set within the unquestionable venturous setting in the Murchison falls National Park. Apart from wildlife, Birds flora and fauna this same park is an ideal terminus for fishing as an activity and an experience. ‘Uganda’s jewel, crown of tourism terminus ‘that can be defined as sophistication & Hovering.

Apoka safari lodge

This lodge is positioned in the distant Kidepo valley National Park, having huge green plains dotted with rugged hills. Wildlife like Giraffes, Buffalos, zebra and so on do graze in these plains, conscious of their environment lest they are food to the lions, leopards, therein. From a distance you can be able to view under the clear skies, the earth & the sky grip-engraving the fact that the Earth is round and all this can be enjoyed while on your balcony/outdoor bathtub.

Crater safari lodge

It is closely positioned to 2 other sites that combine to the fineness of the spot. Crater safari lodge is situated just a trivial distance from Kibale National Park, established on the banks of Nyinabulitwa crater lake. This safari lodge contains 9 cottages with a mobile spa facility inclusive. The National Park has participated in the rusty decor, attractive embroideries and flower vases which offer a warm welcome and feel home gesture/mood to tourists.

Clouds mountain Gorilla

This is an eco-lodge that does promote environmental welcoming tourism. It is one of the famous lodges and well appreciated in Uganda for inventing eco hotel. Clouds mountain lodge sits on a 7,000 feet above sea level, positioned at the base of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It has constructed its guesthouses designed and built from indigenous volcanic stone, indigenous artists reward hand woven rugs and artifacts for beautifying and exhibiting at the site.

Kyambura Gorge Lodge

This lodge is positioned in the pleasing bio-diverse Queen Elizabeth National Park, this contains 8 cottages lodge suitable spot for Birding an activity in Uganda becoming famous. Kyambura Gorge does shelter about 600 species of birds, now due to the existence of papyrus swamps to crater lakes to expose, developing savannah, this lodge is able to withstand bird experiences, an experience with lions, leopards, Elephants and Chimpanzee tracking, etc. Kyambura Gorge lodge is also fitted and designed like any other lodge with indigenous artists

Baker’s lodge

Baker’s lodge does give and offer one an opportunity to sight and interact with the crocodiles that is if you are captivated by reptiles. This lodge also plans and puts in place water tours where travelers do relish spotting Elephants, Hippos plus the famous baboons Buffalos, monitor lizards, etc. There are more Uganda luxury lodges like Mahogany springs safari lodge, Ishasha wilderness and so on that we have not really mentioned here.

Remember most of the Top/Uganda luxury safari lodges are highly positioned /located in forests with rivers, plains, hills and elevations adjoining them. They do offer the finest relaxation and chance to interact with the incredible wild world.

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