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Kampala city Tour

Kampala city Tour, There are several options to visit and experience Uganda, particularly its capital, Kampala. You may go on a bicycle safari, a car excursion, or a walking tour. Walking about Kampala is one of the greatest ways to experience the city.

Kampala is one of the most interesting towns in Africa, with so many sights and noises that a vehicle journey might easily miss, but a walking tour allows you to take it all in one at a time. In addition to being a city, it is also a district in central Uganda, in the Buganda Kingdom. It has a total population of 1,659,600 people in 2011.Kampala city Tour

Because of its proximity to the Equator, the temperature in the city is pleasant all year, making it ideal for everyone. It’s also worth noting that it has two rainy seasons, one from March to May and another from August to December.

Kampala was originally established on seven hills, but has now expanded to approximately twenty-two hills. It’s a great destination to explore since there’s so much to see and do, and the best way to do so is on foot. It is a bustling city, thus leads it to be referred as as a “a city that never sleeps”. It is densely populated, so traveling there and participating in various activities alone might be rather frightening; hence, there is a need for a guide who can be in line to take you through the craziness of the city center and the maze that defines Kampala.

As a result, the guide should be experienced enough for you to enjoy a walking tour in Kampala. That is why Monumental expeditions  is ready to provide you with all you need for your Kampala tour. Our guide will guarantee that you have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. On your Uganda safari, they will ensure that you visit the true and authentic Kampala and have an excellent stroll tour. A stroll tour in and around Kampala is a personal and engaging safari experience. It’s also thrilling and educative.

You will witness several facets of Kampala, such as how history merges with modern life, cultural variety across the city, the people, how commerce is conducted, and how people live and work, among other things. You could even learn some basic Luganda that will allow you to buy a few items from the market.

On a walking tour of Kampala, you will see the old taxi park, Owino market, local crafts, vegetable and food markets, the Kabaka’s palace, the Idi Amin torture chambers, the Kasubi tombs, the Kabaka’s lake (which was built by the Kabaka himself), the Hindu temple, Bahai temple, the Gadaffi mosque, Uganda Martyrs shine, the Catholic and Anglican churches on different hills, the independence monument, and many other landmarks. You might also try some of Uganda’s unique fast snacks, such as the Rolex, which is fairly hefty but delicious, or you could go to one of the many restaurants that line the streets of Kampala. In either case, your meal experience will be included in the trip.

You may also visit numerous night hideouts such as clubs, restaurants, and casinos, among others, to ensure that you have a good time all night. Get comfortable walking shoes for this section of your safari, as well as a cap, plenty of drinking water, sun glasses, and a camera. Otherwise, a Kampala walking tour should make your safari in Uganda more unforgettable.