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Itanda Falls in Jinja

Itanda Falls in Jinja

Itanda Falls is located on the Nile River near Jinja, Uganda.

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Itanda falls in Jinja located in Eastern Uganda along the Nile River. The waterfalls replace the Bujagali Falls and are located around 30 kilometers off the Jinja route and take about 45 minutes to get on a clear road.

Unlike any other place, Itanda Waterfall is one of the few unique tourist attractions to explore and discover during safari tours in Uganda, where true African experiences await you. The way to these waterfalls is not as clear as it is at the Nile’s source.

The Itanda Waterfalls in Jinja, like the Nile, are now unmarked. Locals see the waterfalls as hallowed sites, a spiritual location where people who live on the slopes typically flock to the foot of the tree expecting a visible blessing during times of adversity.

The Itanda Falls are currently one of the major tourist attractions in Jinja, with the history of the river, the views, and the sounds making it one of the top tourist locations for the intriguing Uganda safari trip.

Apart from the gigantic Murchison Falls, the world’s most powerful waterfalls, Itanda Falls is the next in line and the greatest illustration of a tremendous waterfall.

If you need to see the Itanda Falls, simply let us know and we will gladly add it to your itinerary. You may spend some time here on the Nile River, explore the Nile in Jinja, including the Nile’s source, and don’t forget to visit the Itanda Falls, it’s worth it.


Things to do and see in Jinja along the Nile’s source, and the River Nile

Itanda Falls stands as one of the unique and interesting features to see and do while in Jinja. Jinja is one of the best towns to visit in Uganda, offering some of the best safari attractions, while some people come to visit just to chill and relax along one of Africa’s seven natural wonders. The source of the Nile even holds the Nyegege festival, which was introduced by foreign tourists and usually lasts three days or more, where many locals and internationals come to appreciate the beauty and cool environment along the Nile River. Many travelers have also visited Uganda and taken the opportunity to travel along the old Nile River.

The Nile provides visitors with a variety of activities such as white water rafting, kayaking, biking, hiking, all-terrain safaris, horse cycle rides, sailing, fishing, and birdwatching, among others. We may incorporate a visit to the Nile on your safari in Uganda at the end of your safari trip while you unwind after the lengthy safari tour in western Uganda that includes gorilla trekking, chimp trekking, and wildlife safaris in several National parks.

If you book a safari vacation with us and would want to see Itanda Falls, please let us know and we will gladly add it to your safari, making your wish come true.

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