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Horse Back Safari experience

Uganda Horseback Safaris

When one plans a safari to Uganda, it is evident that they are only interested in seeing chimps, trekking mountain gorillas, cultural interactions, hiking mountains, and bird viewing. But horseback riding is another opportunity to see more of Uganda’s natural splendor; it’s quite beautiful to go across the savannah on a horse.

Horseback riding in Uganda is spectacular, and it is also a fantastic cultural experience. Uganda is a wonderful and stunning country with a lot to offer tourists; Sir Winston Churchill dubbed it “the Jewel of Africa,” and he was right.

The area near the Nile is wonderful for horseback riding, and then riding through the many other stunning landscapes around the country, such as virgin farmlands, tea and sugarcane plantations, rain forests, and meadows and plains, among others. This provides an amazing experience as you ride the horse with the assistance of expert horse guides.

The following are some of the spots in Uganda where you may go horseback riding.

Mihingo Safari Resort offers horseback riding in Lake Mburo National Park.

Horseback safaris surrounding Mihingo Safari Resort in Lake Mburo National Park are another fantastic opportunity to explore wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Riding a horse immerses you in nature, allowing you to hear and view a variety of creatures, even some of which are afraid of humans.

Seeing animals from a horse is a more tranquil and private experience than driving around the Park. Warthogs, elands, buffaloes, zebras, waterbucks, bushbucks, duikers, impalas, and topis may all be seen when riding a horse. A leopard has been sighted while riding a horse on a few occasions; this is an unusual sighting.

The horses here can carry a human weighing 100kg, while some horses can only carry 85kg. Please do not be angry if you are asked to weigh yourself; it is for the horses’ own good to maintain excellent form and have strong backs.

Horseback riding in the park is handled by Mihingo Lodge, but you may also coordinate with your tour operator, who can make all of the reservations on your behalf. Riding a horse does not require any prior knowledge because you will be aided by guides. Even inexperienced riders have a fantastic time.

But, skilled cyclists may enjoy a 4-hour ride across the grassy hills of Warukiri, which are located in the heart of the National Park. When atop this hill, you can see the surroundings, including beautiful views of around 9 lakes, giving you a whole new impression of the Park.


Horseback Riding in Kampala

There are several spots in Kampala and on the outskirts of the city where you may go horseback riding;

The Flametree Stables is a stunning home for approximately 39 horses. It is owned by Miranda Bowser, an enthusiastic horse lover who moved from England and settled in Uganda about 20 years ago. The staff is exceptionally professional, excellent, passionate, friendly, and knowledgeable about everything about horses. And because of her passion for horses, she has been teaching others how to ride horses, which led to the establishment of Flametree Stables.

Flametree Stables is located on 20 acres of property that is rich in vegetation and animals. They are located in Kijabijo Village along Kayunga Road, following Gayaza town.

All of the horses here are well-trained, healthy, well-maintained, and educated, as well as kind and gentle with people who are riding for the first time. Horseback riding is accessible for people who desire a one-day adventure as well as those who wish to take riding lessons at extremely friendly and inexpensive pricing.

The Speke Equestrian Centre is located at Speke Resort Munyonyo and offers extremely reasonable horse riding packages that create wonderful experiences.

Horseback riding not only helps you relax but also provides you with a place of seclusion where, even if you are anxious, the horse may be your buddy. This Equestrian Centre offers a tranquil setting in which to ride horses.

They provide a variety of horse riding packages, including pony rides for youngsters, one-hour rides, and individual, shared, and group classes. And each of these bundles is reasonably priced.


Jinja Horse Riding

Horse riding is done at more than two locations in Jinja; you may join a group or ride alone.

Riding a horse along the banks of the world’s longest river, the Nile is spectacular. The trip begins at the Nile’s source and continues past numerous tea farms and towns; it is definitely a wonderful experience.

Horseback riding lasts an hour, two, or three hours depending on the package you pick, and may be done in the morning or afternoon.

There is also the option of enjoying a horse safari by simply walking for about an hour with the horse; this is preferable to riding the horse because you get to see more things while on foot. Take time to relax and, if you have children, allow enough time to share this experience with them as you enjoy the Nile’s breeze and scenery.


Horse Riding Suggestions

The following are some suggestions for persons planning horseback riding safaris:

Be certain that you are appropriately dressed for horseback riding.

Be assured before mounting the horse.

Don’t spread out. Sit up straight and relax.

Be certain that you are not holding the saddle horn.

Focus. Maintain your focus on your destination.

Take command of the horse. You are the one in command.

Keep in mind that you must be free and kind with the reins.

To summarize, horseback riding is one of the most amazing experiences that endure a lifetime. As a result, make your horseback riding safari to Uganda a priority.