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Gorilla Watching In Rwanda And Uganda

More than eight persons are allowed on a tracking team since more would disrupt the calm of the Gorilla group you’re visiting. This also reduces Mountain Gorillas’ exposure to human-transmitted diseases.

Gorilla Watching In Rwanda And Uganda

Practical Tips to Make Your Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda More Fun.

Before embarking on your Gorilla Tracking Safari:

Be in the good physical condition and free of communicable illnesses, colds, and flu.

You must be at least 15 years old.

Before going to see the mountain gorillas, always wash your hands thoroughly.

Bring appropriate attire because it is normally cool; a jacket is advised, as is a lightweight backpack to hold your packed lunch, and robust footwear to provide ankle support.

Gorilla Watching In Rwanda And Uganda




Mountain Gorilla Tracking Adventure

More than eight persons are allowed on a tracking team since more would disrupt the calm of the Gorilla group you’re visiting. This also reduces Mountain Gorillas’ exposure to human-transmitted diseases.

Keep your voices quiet as you travel through this forest, and stillness may be preferable, since you may lose out on other species and the abundance of birds in Bwindi or the Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

What you pack in, you must pack out. Leave nothing left, such as trash, because it will contaminate the environment for future visitors.

Mountain Gorilla tracking vacations begin when the safari guides last spotted the Gorilla group the previous day and then trace them up to their most recent position, as they are always on the move.

Keep a 5m (about 15 ft) distance from the interesting Mountain Gorillas when in their presence. This protects the mountain gorillas from infections and illnesses spread by people.


While you’re in their presence.

stick together as a team.

All voices must be kept low; it is preferable to be silent and simply enjoy the moment in the company of the Mountain Gorillas.

Do not eat or drink anything while they are present.

It is not permitted to use flash photography. Keep your photographs composed by avoiding several motions.

You are not permitted to touch or even approach the gorillas.

Keep your voices quiet until you are out of the Mountain Gorillas’ range.


Guidelines for Good Health

Because Mountain Gorillas are so closely related to humans, they are extremely susceptible to illnesses spread by people.

If you don’t, please notify authorities and do not join the gorilla monitoring club.

If you need to blow your nose, cough, or sneeze, tilt your head away from the gorillas to reduce the danger of infecting them.

While in the presence of Mountain Gorillas, smoking, drinking, and eating are not authorized.

Buhoma is the busiest tourist spot in Bwindi, located to the north of the forest. It serves as the starting point for three gorge hikes and has a variety of lodging options. Although tracking is the primary tourist draw, there are a variety of leisurely possibilities to view birds and explore one of Uganda’s most beautiful national parks, Bwindi. They may be scheduled to leave in the morning at 09.00 and in the afternoon at 14.15. Reputable safari operators may offer 3-day gorilla safaris in Bwindi starting from Kampala or Kigali and crossing to Bwindi.

The Munyanga River Path is located in the valley below Buhoma and is a good short-distance trek to see birds and primates at the forest border.

The Waterfall Trail winds through one of Uganda’s largest expanses of rainforest, passing beneath tree ferns and orchids on its way to three beautiful waterfalls.

Rushura Hill Trail provides spectacular views of the western rift valley plains to the west and Lake Edward and the Rwenzori to the north. * Muzabajiro Loop Trail ascends to the summit for breathtaking views of the Bwindi forest, the western rift valley, and the Virunga volcanoes. * River Ivi Trail follows an old road through beaL, emerging close to Nkuringo along the southern edge 01, and is highly recommended for birders.

Walking experience and cultural performance by the Buhoma people. The local society organizes a village stroll that lasts one to three hours. Visitors are immersed in village life as a result of this. A traditional healer, a regular farmhouse, and a beer brewery are all included. Local dance groups also perform traditional dance and music in the evenings by arrangement. The leftovers from these events are utilized to construct community development strategies.

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