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Fishing experience

Fishing experience

Uganda’s exceptional beauty places it among the most beautiful countries in Africa. This is due not just to the stunning scenery, but also to the Mountain Gorillas, the friendly people, and the spectacular water bodies that allow for fishing excursions.

With the exception of the extreme northeastern region, which is semi-arid, water covers around 25% of Uganda’s topography. Lake Victoria is a popular fishing spot, with large catches of Tilapia and Nile Perch among other species.

Lake Victoria is the world’s second-biggest freshwater lake and Africa’s largest, shared by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Other lakes in Uganda that are ideal for fishing excursions include Lake Edward, Lake George, Lake Albert, and the marshy Lake Kyoga. The Nile River, the world’s second-longest river, also provides excellent fishing possibilities.

As a result, only in Uganda can you experience exceptional sport fishing without distractions in stunning pristine waterways surrounded by wonderful natural landscapes. These are some of the locations where you may go fishing and have a great fishing experience.


Murchison Falls Fishing

Catching fish at Murchison Falls National Park is a meaningful and wonderful experience. The park is located in northern Uganda, roughly 4 hours and 30 minutes drive from Kampala, Uganda’s capital. It is a gorgeous park with a lot to offer, making it one of the top national parks for sport fishing.

Fishing is done as a sport along the Victoria Nile in Murchison Falls, alongside other activities. It entails capturing fish near the bottom of the falls, particularly at the Devil’s Cauldron, as well as on the river banks and along rocky surfaces.

Casting lures is the most common form of fishing, with the goal of capturing larger fish species such as Catfish and Nile Perch. To catch smaller fish such as the Tiger fish, use live bait such as termites or worms.

Fishing may be done from a boat or from the riverbank, however, caution is advised due to the presence of hippos and crocodiles. Anglers may reach the fishing area by going down from the top of the falls to the gorge, which can take 45 minutes if the fisherman is healthy and fast. A boat can also get to the location.

Anglers will need the support of specialists to ensure the client’s safety. This is to ensure that you have the greatest possible experience in this exciting destination. These knowledgeable guides are familiar with the area and know where to go for the finest catch. Of course, most fishermen are seasoned and may want this experience only. Nonetheless, a fishing guide is advised, and one guide may supervise a team of three fishermen.

Fishermen should bring all of their fishing equipment with them. During fishing, it is feasible to land a large fish depending on its girth, weight, and length. A Nile Perch weighing 113kg was recorded as the largest fish captured.


Lake Victoria fishing

Catching fish, especially the majestic Nile Perch, from the world’s second-biggest freshwater lake is an exciting and unique experience. Fishing in Lake Victoria is “catch and release,” which is necessary for sustainability. And you will have the best catch if you have the finest fishing guide that is informed and experienced.

Fishing in Lake Victoria is accessible to all fishermen, whether experienced or not and may be organized on a half-day or full-day basis, depending on the angler’s preferences. Trolling with lures is the major method employed, and fishing equipment is provided, although anglers are welcome to bring their own.

Fishing may be done all year save during the rainy season between April and May, as well as during Full Moon. The catchable weight of Nile Perch ranges from 8kg to 80kg. Anglers can board a speed boat, which should include rain suits, a first aid kit, life jackets, fire extinguishers, and an overhead sun cover.

Most fishing trips start in Entebbe, near UWEC (the zoo), where there is safer parking for automobiles. Anglers should bring cameras, bug repellents, light clothing, sunglasses, body creams, and caps because it may become very hot on the lake. You should also bring sandals in case your feet become wet. If you are interested in birds, you should bring a set of binoculars with you.


Lake Mburo National Park fishing

Lake Mburo is one of Uganda’s greatest sport fishing destinations. This Savannah Park is located along the route that connects Kampala to the west of Uganda. It is frequently a layover for many visitors visiting the western area, and among the things they enjoy are game drives, horseback riding, and boat cruises, among others.

The park contains five lakes, and the fishing place is a limited region named Mazinga within the magnificent Lake Mburo, which is the largest of them all. This lake contains around 6 kinds of fish, including Tilapia.

Those who intend to engage in sport fishing should get fishing licenses from the Lake Mburo Park headquarters or the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Visitors may bring their own fishing equipment, but a competent fishing guide is required. The guide assists you during the fishing procedure and also helps you avoid dangerous spots.


Fishing in the vicinity of Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon

Visitors who want to visit the Eastern part of Uganda and want to go sport fishing can schedule a trip to the Sipi Falls. Sport fishing is done in all three Sipi waterfalls in this area, and it is an exhilarating and unique activity you won’t want to miss.

Nothing compares to the experience of fishing from these waterfalls. Above all, fishermen should remember to bring their fishing gear. Sipi River Resort charges a fee for sport fishing permits.

In conclusion, Uganda features some of the top sport fishing places in Africa, in addition to Gorilla trekking and wildlife safari game drives.

These are still pristine and exciting spots where anglers may experience exceptional sport fishing. As a result, Uganda has you covered no matter what you desire as an angler on safari in Africa.