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Uganda Adventure safaris

Safari Adventure-Uganda

Adventure is when you encounter an event rather being just a mere observer/watcher in your transfers/travels. Safari adventures in Uganda is something that you wouldn’t love to miss because it can add a lot more than pleasure to your life regardless of your age. Adventure/venturing varies for everyone because what may appear daring/audacious to you could be entirely boring/unexciting for someone else. Several people/tourists have got a different description for this (Adventure) and so it doesn’t require you to jeopardize your life for your tour/safari to be referred to as called an explorer or be termed adventurous or even going abroad to just transfer to various places. Several activities at your disposal of which you can engage yourself in during your safari encounter/experience in Uganda like it may involve white water rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, bicycling, Gorilla trekking, and chimpanzee tracking to mention but a few. However, we present a total of options for you if you want to go for adventure transfers. You can take on the one which suits you, makes you comfortable and excites you.

Gorilla & Chimpanzee Tracking Safaris.

These are the chief lures/fascinations describing a Safaris adventure in Uganda and complete mostly our Uganda safari packages. These are offered on a typical 3 Day safaris and prolonged vacations. Now this ‘Uganda safari Adventure’ offers you a twinkling of a life time as you are in a primary spot to engage yourself in a wild Gorilla tracking safari through a tour to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park since it’s this place that shelters 16 gorilla families and Chimpanzee tracking safari via a trip to Kibale National Park as where these endangered species reside highly and get close to a population of chimpanzees of over 5000.

Wildlife Safaris.

This involves wild game viewing of different Wildlife /Game like a spot of the largest mammals the Elephants in their herds, Giraffes, Leopards, the rare climbing Lions at Ishasha section of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the cape Buffaloes, Antelopes, to mention but a few. The Wild Boat cruise on and along the peaceful/serene waters of Kazinga channel(QENP). Once you engage yourself in this activity (Boat cruise) it enables you spot dwellers of these waters like the Gigantic hippos, world Nile Crocodiles and plentiful of various Bird Species which rove the above skies of Kazinga channel.  Our safari parks and game reserves are perfect destinations that one must not under no circumstances miss visiting during his/her safari in Uganda.

The Powerful Murchison Falls

On your safari adventure to Uganda make sure you do not miss visiting the theatrical and powerful water of the World Murchison falls. These falls pull/attract their power from the junction where the river fights through the space of only 7/2 ft before dipping 43 m/141 ft.But further more in this National Park (Murchison) one can still enjoy a wild safari to Uganda Game drive and be in spot of viewing mammals like the Rothchild ‘s Giraffes,leopards at night
trailing, etc.

The source of the longest River

Through your Safari Adventure in Uganda you can be able to tour or visit the source of River Nile. This is the longest River, it boards on its 6,650 km fantastic excursion to the Mediterranean Sea from Uganda. Therefore, if you embark on a 1 Day tour to Jinja expect to tour the source of the Nile of which this is none other than the finest Lake Victoria-biggest lake/water body on the African Continent & 2nd largest in the whole world. Allow yourself get involved in various activities on your Jinja day journey trip like the Water Rafting at Itanda Falls-Jinja source, a sunset boat cruise, Horseback riding tours, etc.

Walking Safaris

The self-governing activity (nature walks) and joint with several other exploits/adventures to produce a worthwhile encounter. activities, we have also offered walking safaris, walking trips in Uganda can be done in destinations like Lake Mburo National park & Nkuringo sector found in Bwindi impenetrable National Park. The Batwa experience in Bwindi – Buhoma section and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (Batwa cultural trail) offers great opportunities for a walking trip & cultural adventure.