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Plan Your Gorilla Safari Tours In Uganda 2024

Plan your gorilla safari tours in Uganda 2024

Plan your gorilla safari tours in Uganda 2024 – Book Gorilla permits in advance – Budget Gorilla trekking Safaris to Bwindi Forest National park

Plan your gorilla journey in Uganda today. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and every traveller wants to hike mountain gorillas in their native habitat before leaving this globe. As a result, you should plan your gorilla trekking expedition ahead of time, and now is the time to obtain your gorilla permit and safari for 2024 before they sell out.

To avoid frustration by booking your slots late, we need to secure them when there is still availability. During the peak season of June, July, August, December, January, and February, gorilla trekking permits tend to sell out, so advance booking is required. For your knowledge, it occurred to me last year when I verified availability, and when I arrived at UWA to pay for my permits, someone else had taken them; therefore, we must be cautious while obtaining gorilla permits and safari permits. Also, starting in July 2020, gorilla permits for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park would be raised to $700 per person for each trip.

Inquire about gorilla permits’ availability, then book and pay for them.

Plan your gorilla adventure ahead of time; contact us to check for gorilla permit availability; there is a system where we can check availability based on the date, month, and year of your choosing, and once we find availability, we will send you an invoice to make full payment of your gorilla permits to confirm your slots; we will go to the Uganda Wildlife Office in Kampala and pay for your gorilla permits; and then we can go ahead and secure other services after confirming your slots.

Make a reservation at a lodge or hotel.

After you have confirmed your gorilla permit, you can go ahead and book accommodation. The Uganda Wildlife Authority sells gorilla permits based on trekking sectors or regions rather than gorilla families, so you either buy a permit for Rushaga, Nkuringo, Ruhija, or Buhoma, and the sector is where you book accommodation, as your lodge must be close to the starting point or UWA office in Uganda to avoid inconveniences in the morning. Even lodges demand advance booking since they might be occupied to capacity if you tend to book late. You may lose out, and if they want a deposit payment, please go ahead and deposit to guarantee the booking.

Transport and guidance

Once you have secured your gorilla permit and accommodation, you can now look for a vehicle. Some travellers use public transportation, but I would recommend booking your transportation through a tour operator because you may get stuck along the way if a bus has mechanical problems and you will most likely miss your trek, whereas a company will ensure that you arrive at your destination, which is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, for your gorilla trek. Because of the nature of the roads that connect you to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, we always recommend that you utilize a true safari land cruiser/jeep.

Where should I pack?

Plan your gorilla adventure ahead of time, once you have all the services secured and confirmed; now you must be well prepared for the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mountain gorillas habit the highest altitudes of Bwindi, and the weather is unpredictable as Bwindi is a tropical rainforest, so proper gear is recommended. Read our information about what to pack and the best walk books you can use on the slippery surface of Bwindi.


Once everything is in place and you have arrived in Uganda, tipping is not required, but we encourage you to tip if you feel the staff has provided excellent service. Learn more about gorilla trekking tipping recommendations.

Monumental Expeditions and Safaris can assist you in planning your gorilla experience in advance, and we can obtain all services and logistics for you, including gorilla permits and transportation. For additional details on your gorilla trekking expedition, please contact us right away.

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