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Age Limit For Gorilla Trekking

Age limit for Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking Age limit

Gorilla  Trekking in Uganda (Bwindi Impenetrable Natural Park/ Mgahinga Gorilla National Park/ Rwanda- Volcanoes National Park, having the controlling/ managing/directing authorities in these 2 destinations Uganda Wildlife Authority- UWA(Uganda) and Rwanda Development Board- RDB( Rwanda) pointed out a minimum age of 15 years and above. But there are cases where a child below the required age(15yrs) is brought along to do Gorilla Trekking with the parents, before trekking the Mountain Gorillas, the National Park Authorities does always find out if everybody/everyone has got to show his/her originals- {the Passport so as to find out that everyone is of the true and advised allowed right age}.

Why 15yrs Gorilla Trekking Age Limit

  • Well Gorilla Trekking being an activity, it’s not completely safe enough a process because we are dealing with wild animals so their way of behaving can try/tend to change depending on the various moods and surroundings. It is therefore with proof any ways  a child 15 yrs & above can help him/herself just in case anything does happens because they are mature enough to obey the entire gorilla tracking rules.
  • These Gentle giants are characterized by intense feeling causing them at times to fear and get scared by things like the flash light ,not only that still charge basing on what they feel; sometimes get upset and feel challenged instead want to fight back to prove their self-defense.
  • The thickness and lots of trails in the trekking forest makes it difficult for a child below 15yrs to handle, with the directions they may tend to go off  the trails since they venture much in playing.
  • By nature kids so playful and this might slow down the pace of the people responsible for them which indirectly does affect the rangers and the group at large. Basing on the time limit given to spend in the forest, this child of 15yrs and above can at least follow the instructions and be less playful throughout the trek.
  • Basing on the fact that Gorilla Trekking activity sometimes tends to require great effort (strenuous), it can involve hiking & walking long distances in the dark dense forest and mountains in search for these Gentle Giants. It’s without any doubt that children above the age 15yrs are physically fit and strong enough to manage such.

Instances where a child below 15yrs may be allowed to Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

However, Rwanda Gorilla Trekking minimum age can be re-evaluated if the parents can show prove that this child in question is approaching his or her 15th birth day. That is if only this child/minor is in their late 14th and with enough strength to Gorilla Trek. Of course Parents will be asked details concerning this matter of this child with current photos and passport inclusive.

Another instance where a child is accepted is when this child does prove maturity and still very physically fit. With such qualities the authorities may decide to let the child Gorilla Trek in the Volcanoes National Park. please contact Monumental Expeditions who will instead contact Uganda Wildlife Authority if it will be possible for your child to trek gorillas and if it is approved, we will let you know.

Gorilla trekking age limit and gorilla permit price.                                                                                                                                      

In circumstances where a child of age below 15yrs is allowed to Gorilla Trek in Uganda/Rwanda –you will need to pre-purchase a Uganda/ Rwanda Gorilla Permit for your child (contact monumental expeditions for advice). Let’s not also forget that Rwanda Gorilla Permits cost is the same whether with Children/Minors/adults, whereas for Uganda its $600 FNR, $500 FR and Ugx 250,000 EAC. A gorilla permit is a licence/card that accepts you to go Gorilla Trek and allowed to spend strictly 1 hr with a given family of habituated Mountain Gorillas in their Natural Habitats (Bwindi Impenetrable National Park-Uganda, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park –Uganda, Volcanoes National Park-Rwanda and Virunga National Park-DRC), presently/currently Uganda’s & Rwanda’s Gorilla Permits allow you spend 1 hr with the Gentle Giants in their Natural Habitats.