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Family Safari experience

Family Safari experience

Family Safari Holidays in Africa with Children

Why should I go on a Ugandan family safari?

Uganda, often known as the Pearl of Africa, is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, with the nicest people. This little country’s environment is pristine, so if you want to experience the true African wilderness, here is the place to go. It features a stunning natural landscape and abundant wildlife, including lions, gorillas, chimps, leopards, buffaloes, unusual birds, giraffes, and much more. There are also other interesting tourist activities available, like bungee jumping, gorilla trekking, white water rafting, and many others. There’s something for everyone in the family. And it’s an entirely new world for you and your children to explore. What your children are used to seeing on television will now be available to them live and in real-time. Another incentive for a family safari in Uganda is the visual delights.

Uganda offers some breathtakingly stunning places that you will enjoy visiting with your family and photographing to record the memory. There’s the historic Nile, Africa’s longest river, the magnificent Murchison Falls, the world’s most powerful waterfall, the Rwenzori mountain ranges, which are taller than the alps and the tallest mountain ranges in Africa, the beautifully scenic Lake Bunyonyi, which looks like a still from a movie scene, the Virunga volcanoes, the explosion craters that you’ve probably seen on National Geographic, and so much more. A family safari in Uganda provides an incredible opportunity to learn about new and intriguing cultures. You and your family will discover how these extremely nice folks live and perhaps adopt a new way of doing things for the two of you. You may try a new meal, cuisine, or fruit. It provides your children with valuable exposure.


What about all the bad and frightening stories? And will my kids be safe?

Many of the frightening stories are myths, while others are exaggerations of the truth. There have been reports that safaris in Uganda are unsafe and that you must go with a bodyguard at all times. This is a legend. Uganda is one of the safest countries on the African continent. The hotels, lodges, and tented camps where you will stay will be quite secure. There are also guides for game drives, gorilla trekking, nature walks, bird viewing, and any other activity you may like to partake in. When you think of a safari in Uganda, the term “dangerous” should not spring to mind.

You should envision something thrilling and enjoyable. While arranging a safari, whether it is a family safari or a one-man private safari, keep children in mind. Safety is a top priority for safari firms like us. Your children’s safety is vital to us, and we do everything we can to assure it. Every activity, whether a nature walk or a wildlife drive, has well-experienced and trained guides and rangers. Therefore the answer to the question of whether your children will be safe is emphatic yes. safari kids Another misconception is that going on a Uganda safari entails roughing it and being stung by some odd bugs.

There will be no roughing it on a safari in Uganda; the country has progressed far beyond the Stone Age, so your children will not be sleeping in bushes or eating weird foods. There is excellent lodging, cuisine, laundry services, and restrooms. You and your children will feel at ease. Another fallacy is that your kids will be bored. Uganda is a thrilling destination for individuals of all ages. Every turn brings something fresh for you and your children to appreciate. Moreover, if you let the safari firm know, they will build an itinerary for you that takes your children’s hobbies and interests into account. Your kids will not be bored in the least.

Depending on their age, students can enjoy guided nature walks, wildlife drives, horseback riding safaris, cultural visits, hands-on instruction in craft making, dancing, drumming, white water rafting, and even gorilla trekking if they are beyond the age of 15.


How about food and water?

Many people who have never visited Africa believe that their families will have to subsist on exotic foods and drinks. That is not the case; there is drinking water and typical quality meals accessible. There are several foreign meals available, as well as delicious local fare. There’s soda, water, and juice, as well as beers and wines. Therefore your children will be OK; Uganda has enough nice food and soft drinks for them.


Will my children get sick while on safari in Uganda?

Malaria is the most common sickness that people are concerned about. The fact is that Uganda is not a swarm of mosquitoes and other creatures just ready to bite you. When you go camping in the west, you bring insect spray and repellent; the same is true for mosquitoes in Uganda. You can carry or purchase mosquito repellant, or you can consult your doctor about alternative preventive measures. Nonetheless, the odds of your children contracting malaria while on safari in Uganda are quite low. You can also seek guidance from your travel operator.


How may a Uganda safari vacation assist my very young children?

Even when they are very young, children are eager to learn new things. Children are the most enthusiastic visitors we have; they are enthralled by everything they see and hear. Kids learn a lot while watching television, and more and more youngsters dream of visiting exotic locations inspired by the shows they watch. You might be amazed at how many children’s programs send your children on African safaris. It would be a thrilling experience if they were able to visit Africa in person. A Uganda safari will be an educational and exploratory experience for them.


What will my kids do if my parents go gorilla trekking?

When you and the other adults are trekking gorillas or chimps, your children may do and enjoy a variety of activities. They may go on forest walks with nice, well-trained tour guides who will show children all sorts of intriguing things in the forest, from monkeys in the trees to exotic birds and butterflies. People might also go on guided nature hikes or village walks. During the village treks, participants will be able to see cultural events such as dance performances and acquire new skills such as drumming on indigenous drums. Game drives are typically best enjoyed as a family.

Your youngsters will not be bored or idle while you are out looking for gorillas.


Are there unique safari outfits for children?

Safari clothing for children is typically tiny versions of adult safari clothing. But keep the colors neutral and avoid wearing shorts or short-sleeved shirts on walks. A wide-brimmed hat and a nice pair of light boots are also advised for each youngster.


Is there anything I should know about immunizations or anti-malaria medication?

We recommend that you see your regular doctor, a tropical clinic, or a travel clinic. They will advise you on the necessary immunizations and anti-malaria regimens.


What about visas and passports?

Passports and visas are required for everyone in your traveling group. A tourist visa to Uganda is available for $50 USD per person. We hope we have addressed most, if not all, of your concerns regarding taking your children on an Uganda safari vacation. Enjoy your vacation in Africa’s jewel.